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Ryerson University

The Yeates School of Graduate Studies

PP8107 Digital Applications for Collections Management

Winter 2017


Assignment: Course Blog: Wired – Collections in the 21st Century

Due: Assigned Weekly

Document Date: January 13, 2017

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The course blog will serve as a forum for continued discussion and sharing of resources outside of the classroom. Each week small groups will in turn generate a blog post exploring the role of online technologies in creating access to cultural heritage collections with links to online examples and further resources. At the beginning of the course, students will form groups of 2-3 and select their subject or propose a topic for approval; subjects will explore opportunities and challenges presented by sharing collections via the web and may include but are not limited to Tumblr, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram.


Blog Posts

Each group will write a blog post about their chosen topic. Posts will consist of a minimum: 5 main points, 2 links to example collections, 2 links to available resources. Word Count: approx. 700.



At the beginning of each class each group will deliver a 10-15 minute presentation on their topic. Presentations will be based on the research done for the blog post, and the blog post itself, which can be used during the presentation to highlight examples and resources. The time limit on the presentations is 15 minutes. These are not expected to be formal presentations, but a continued discussion of the topic researched, the resources and examples discovered, and any additional questions.



In addition to the Blog Post and the presentations, each group will be expected to provide one comment on another group’s post by the date of their scheduled presentation.



The assignment is worth 20% of your final grade. The blog post and response is worth 10% and the presentation is worth 10%. The goal of a blog is to create a user-centered approach to learning and discussion. This happens through a collaborative, participatory experience and engagement. Students will be expected to contribute to the discussion and posts of their peers, and this additional contribution will be factored into their participation grade.

Grading Template:


Questions to consider:

How are libraries/archives/museums using online applications, such as social networks, to create access to collections and engage new audiences? What are some of the copyright challenges and access opportunities created by these social networks for institutions? What are the pros & cons to using this type of social network for cultural heritage collections?


Highlight a specific online platform for sharing collections such as: twitter, flickr, facebook, pinterest, instagram, youtube etc.

Begin by looking at the terms and conditions section of your chosen social networking site, analyze the company’s official stance on images or video, who owns the content once uploaded and shared, how are the rights managed, what does this mean for an institution seeking to upload media to their site? Put yourself in the role of a collections manager or digital strategist looking to share images via this site and think critically of the implications of using this platform to share digitized content, how do the terms affect the rights & reproduction of shared images?


Assess other online examples of collections using the site; select at least 2. What is the type of institution, and how are they using it to create access to their collection? Are they using this platform to create digital image collections or are they using the site to highlighting projects via social networks to engage followers & new audiences? If the organization is uploading digital content and collections to the site, what strategies do they employ to navigate potential copyright or reproduction issues? List resources. Review in presentation.


2 main areas that should be covered in each post:


Discuss the application’s use in connecting and engaging new & old audiences with collections. What are some of the opportunities and challenges this online application presents for institutions seeking to create further access to their collections? How is the collection presented, what accompanying metadata is there, how does it reflect on the institution – how is it being used as a tool to increase user engagement & access?

Copyright & restrictions:

Institutions are bound by copyright restrictions, privacy regulations, as well as the public’s right to access information. Using the Canadian Copyright Act and Freedom of Information and Personal Privacy Act for reference, analyze potential copyright & rights challenges for each social media site; discuss how collections work within these limitations through employing rights management devices such as the Creative Commons.


Suggested Topics


Collections &….










WordPress or Blogger

Other – if there is an online collection or resource you would like to use for your topic please submit a proposal by the second class.


Additional Resources:


Creative Commons:


Canadian Copyright Act:


Freedom of Information and Personal Privacy Act:


Museums and the Web:


A little inspiration:

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